President's Report, August 1, 2020

Hello Everyone

Club Reopening

Finally, the club is open again, hopefully for good. There are additional COVID-19 safety restrictions.

Entry is now through the back door. Please use provided hand sanitisers and sign in by filling in the registration form.

Please read signage and abide by the number of people permitted per room.

Thank you to members who volunteer daily to sanitise and clean frequently touched surfaces, equipment and work areas.

We need to get used to this for the foreseeable future.

Member Activity

We have had many members venture into the club, since reopening on 18 July, to socialise, share fossicking stories and discuss what everybody has been doing over the past three and half months while the club has been closed.

There were good interesting conversations with show and tell.

Some of the members managed to get away on their own fossicking adventures, looking for gold, or to Western Creek, where Chiastolite was found. It has polished up really well.

Also we have had a few visitors call into the club with a variety of rocks from Agate Creek as well some interesting rocks for identification, that had been found on their travels.


Many people have been asking when we will be starting classes for Cabochon cutting, Faceting and Silver Jewellery Making.

Due to physical distancing rules this is a difficult question to answer at the moment. The club has not set a start up date yet. We would like to resume classes as soon as reasonably practicable.

If you are interested in any courses please place your name and phone number on the list, so we can inform you when classes will resume.

Work Rooms

Presently the work rooms are under utilised so if you would like to come in and do some work there is plenty of space.

Club Admin

During lockdown, Jan Hannam, the club secretary, kept communication and coordination going and went above and beyond keeping members informed who were naturally worried and concerned about the future of the club. Thank you Jan.

Jan was also an enormous help in preparing approval documentation for the club to reopen.


During lockdown Tammi Saal was inundated and overwhelmed with messages inquiring about the club.

Thank you Tammi, for replying to all inquiries during such a busy time. Peggy Walker is now doing more to relieve Tammi.


John Heenan has built and designed the club website. John has been on the front line especially during the lockdown. Updating the website, inserting interesting articles, keeping people informed and promoting Cairns Mineral & Lapidary Club Inc.

A lot of hard work has been going on behind the screen.All the costs associated with the clubs website have been paid, by John, as a donation to the club. On behalf of the club I thank John Heenan for his donation and time spent maintaining the club website.

Fossicking Trips

Now that’s something we can do, without having to worry about social distancing as much. We are at present seeking interest from members who would like to participate in the upcoming field trip.

We need interested members to put their names on the Field Trip sheet on the notice board. Times and Destination to be negotiated ASAP.

Monthly Club Meeting held on 1st August

The first monthly club meeting for all members following reopening was held on 1st August in the sheltered outdoor back area under new COVID-19 safety rules. There will be a report for members. For members concerned about being able to accommodate meetings with members spread over a large area of the club, former club president Allan Rose suggested using a PA (public address) type system.

Important Meeting 5th September

The Club’s Annual General Meeting is on the 5th September, beginning at 12pm.

Please attend and participate and have your say in decisions affecting your club for the next 12 months.

Michael Hardcastle